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| Wed Dec 14, 2016 | 2:30pm EST Louisiana judge throws out executive order to protect LGBT rights left right Supporters of gay marriage hold rainbow-colored flags as they rally in front of the Supreme Court in Washington March 27, 2013. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts 1/2 left right Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards speaks at a news conference in Baton แทง สโบเบท อนไลน์ holiday Rouge, Louisiana, U.S., July 17, 2016. REUTERS/Joe Penney 2/2 A Louisiana judge on Wednesday threw out an order from the state's Democratic governor aimed at protecting the rights of gay and transgender people, ruling that the governor had overstepped his authority. In addition to protecting LGBT rights, the executive order from Governor John Bel Edwards protected state employees against discrimination based on race, religion, disability and age. It banned state agencies from discrimination, while offering an exemption for churches and religious organizations. The "Executive Order is a violation of the Louisiana Constitution's separation of powers doctrine and an unlawful usurp of the constitutional authority vested only in the legislative branch of government," Judge Todd Hernandez, of the 19th Judicial District Court in East Baton Rogue Parish, said in his ruling. The order had been challenged by the state's attorney general, Jeff Landry, a Republican who has described himself as a "campaigner for conservative family values." In a statement, สโบเบท สมัคร Landry applauded the judge's decision and said his objections concerned what he saw as the governor operating outside of his legal mandate. Edwards said he was disappointed in the ruling and planned an appeal. "With great respect for the role of the Louisiana legislature, we continue to believe that discrimination is not a Louisiana value and that we are best served as a state when employment decisions are based solely on an individuals qualifications and job performance," he said in a statement. Laws curtailing LGBT rights have been pushed in a few socially conservative states, sparking criticism from corporate, entertainment and sports leaders that they are discriminatory.

Children are neglected and abused, crime and violence related to alcohol and addictions instill fear and retaliation, and the costs of health care for those who receive treatment are high. It is estimated that the yearly economic impact of substance misuse is $249 billion for alcohol misuse and $193 billion for illicit drug use, says the Surgeon General. When you dont understand the dynamics of addiction, you may judge the addicted person harshly, but they are involved with a most difficult battle of their lives, for their lives. Initially they may have made the choices to try it, but its like playing Russian Roulette: you just dont know what your outcome is going to be. Online you can visit to learn more about how addiction works. Everyone knows someone with an addiction problem, or has lost someone they have cared about to substance abuse. What is the difference between someone you dont know who overdoses, and your best friend who overdoses? Sadly, Only about 10 percent of people with a substance use disorder receive any type of specialty treatment. Further, over 40 percent of people with a substance use disorder also have a mental health condition, yet fewer than half receive treatment for either disorder, according to the Surgeon General who also reports that people who want recovery are afraid they will be judged harshly, shamed and discriminated against.

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