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Williams said he was approached two years ago by someone who wanted to see another program in the area to serve as an alternative to other organizations. "Some people didn't like how things were being handled in other programs and wanted a change to a more family atmosphere like it used to be," Williams said. Robert Gessa, athletic director, said he wants to offer a different program to the youth of Southwest Florida that gets families and the community more involved with the children, at a price families can afford. "Kids need guidance and a little extra help. The dropout rate is high and we see the crime in Fort Myers every day. That's because kids don't have options or anyone to help them along," Gessa said. "We want to be a more cost-effective program. If you can't afford it, we'll sponsor you." Williams said he wants to bring the camaraderie back, where families hung out on Friday nights and the community becomes engaged again in youth sports. The Cowboys will field teams in U6, U8, U10, U12 and U14 with American Youth Football (AYF), a national organization with hundreds of programs, all with unlimited weight. The team will play games at the North Fort Myers Academy for the Arts, with a regional tournament คาสิโน scheduled next year somewhere in Lee County. Williams said the idea isn't to compete with Pop Warner, just give kids who may not be able to play ordinarily a chance to compete.

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