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Monday at Smith-Tobey Post No. 21. After pleading guilty to Class B felony aggravated unlawful gambling, Smith-Tobey representatives informed city officials earlier this month that they could no longer afford to sponsor the parade. A representative of the district attorneys office said the posts gambling operation took in hundreds of thousands of dollars over many years. Smith-Tobey was fined $15,000 and surrendered its license to operate licensed games of chance for 30 months, according Maine State Police Sgt. Michael Johnston, who led the investigation that resulted from an anonymous tip. By Monday, city officials had all but abandoned plans for a Memorial Day parade in Bath, and parade organizers in other nearby communities began extending invitations to Bath veterans to march in their parades. But on Tuesday morning, Bath Realtor Shane McKenna, who also owns Universe Gym and Fitness Center, was contacted by a local man who offered an undisclosed amount of money to ensure the parade happens, McKenna said Tuesday afternoon. Meanwhile, Dan Eosco of Maine Hosting Solutions, a Scoutmaster, was planning to have his Cub Scouts meet at the American Legion post on Memorial Day and march through local cemeteries.

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